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Testaa toimivuus

Kokeile ja varmista tällä sivulla, että suorat striimit toimivat käyttämälläsi laitteella ilman ongelmia. Samalla voit kokeilla internet-yhteytesi nopeuden. Suosittelemme sen olevan vähintään 10Mbps.


Siirry testi videoon

Videossa on ohjeet, kuinka striimiympäristö toimii. Laita video pyörimään alakulmasta löytyvästä play-napista. Mikäli kyseinen video toimii sinulla hyvin, toimii myös livestriimi laitteellasi hyvin.


Muista kokeilla videota samalla laitteella, millä meinaat seurata striimiä.

  • I haven’t received an order confirmation and are currently having issues with certain email providers. These problems are being fixed but meanwhile you can send your ticket information to We’ll get back to you.
  • How do I get to the show?
    Create an account and activate the ticket code at After successful activation the event pops up at the front page of the service. Refresh the page if needed and click the event to get to the show. Enjoy! Check that your device is supported by here.
  • When does the show start?
    Unlike normal live shows we tend to start on time. Be there.
  • I’m having problems with the stream. What to do?
    Internet isn’t always perfect. Try adjusting the video quality from the settings cog wheel on the bottom right side of the video. Using the Auto-setting may cause some lagging so it is advised to switch that off. When all else fails, refresh the page. Check that your device is supported by here.
  • Can I use Chromecast to watch the show?
    We haven’t managed to successfully test Chromecast on mobile devices. However, there are a lot of different kinds of devices so maybe yours is a perfect match. Casting from your laptop Chrome browser should work perfectly. Please follow this link to get more help on how to Chromecast.
  • What do i need to watch the show?
    You need a regular computer or a mobile device and a good interenet connection (min. 10 Mbps). We recommend Chrome as your browser of choice for our shows.
  • How do I purchase the ticket?
    All tickets for all of our shows are sold by You can find the from our site as well but every ticket link you click will take you to
  • Can I watch the show later?
    Yes you can. All shows are available for streaming for 7 days after the original streaming date. If the show originally airs on 1st of May it’s available for viewing until 8th of May 11:59 pm.
  • Can I still buy the ticket after the show?
    Yes! The tickets are being sold for six days after the original streaming date. If the show originally airs on 1st of May, the tickets are being sold until 7th of May 11:59 pm.
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